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Relive The Beatles 1964 Concert.

September 14, 1964 my partner Tim Tormey and I brought The Beatles to Pittsburgh in concert. I am producing a Tribute Concert in honor of that date.  Here is the first of a four-part post of the press release that we had announcing the events at our press conference on Monday June 16.  I thought […]

Sid Bernstein: The Passing of a Legend

Concert promoter Sid Bernstein died this past Wednesday August 21.  He was 95. I always gave Sid credit as the promoter who brought the Beatles to the U.S.  He promoted their first American date on February 12, 1964.  That was three days after the Beatles famous Ed Sullivan Show appearance and seven months before Tim […]

Adventures in Rock and Roll!

When my partner, Tim Tormey, told me we could get the Beatles to perform a concert in Pittsburgh, but we needed to put $5,000 in a brown paper bag and deliver it to a bartender in Brooklyn, my heart sank. But I made it happen. I had no idea what an exciting life that first […]

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