Relive The Beatles ’64 Concert

Relive The Beatles ’64 Part Two

“Imagine it is Saturday night, September 14, 1964 and you are part of an audience of more than 12,000 watching four mop-topped kids from Liverpool, England perform live on the stage of the Civic Arena,” said DiCesare.  “Imagine further that you are able to fast-forward the rest of the 1960’s, with all of its turbulent history, while the Beatles mature from bubblegum tunes like ‘I Want To Hold Your Hand’ and ‘She Loves You’ into a band that reflects the social consciousness of the decade with ‘Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band,’ ‘Abbey Road’ and ‘Let It Be’”

That, said DiCesare, is Beatlemania Now, a show starring Scot Arch (as John Lennon), Chris Colon (as George Harrison), Eric Smith (as Ringo Starr), and Davey Justice (as Paul McCartney), with a performance that dusts off the cobwebs to recall teens screaming from the balcony of the Civic Arena and other theaters across the United States.

“The Beatles explosion onto the American musical landscape is one of the most spectacular events in music history,” said DiCesare.  “And through the magic that is Beatlesmania Now, the audience can become a part of that history 50 years later.”

The show begins with the memorable youthful exuberance and scrubbed clean faces of the young Beatles as the band sings the original hits without a care in the world while – as if from an old copy of Life Magazine – scenes from the 1960’s are projected on a screen above them.  Beatlesmania Now brings historic scenes to life and just like the original musicians, the stage band matures from the teen heart throbs of 1964 into the most important band of the 20th Century.

Beatlemania Now runs the gamut of songs from the early days to “Strawberry Fields Forever,” “Here Comes The Sun,” “Come Together,” “All You Need Is Love,” “Sgt. Pepper,” “Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds,” “Hey Jude,” “Penny Lane,” and a special tribute to Lennon’s later solo work “Imagine.”

“For many weaned on Nirvana and Green Day, this is an exhilarating history lesson about the triumphs, the tragedies and the music of the 60’s that you don’t want to miss,” said DiCesare.Chuck Berry Tribute photo-hi-res

This show will also include tribute acts of musicians that influenced the Beatles including Eddie Cochran Buddy Holly, Little Richard, Jerry Lee Lewis, Fats Domino, Chuck Berry, and Elvis Presley.

To order tickets to the Relive The Beatles ’64 Concert please go Online at or call 412 456 6666.

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