Las Vegas Wants to Bet on Hillary.




What does Hillary Clinton and my friend  Jimmy Vaccaro have in common? Las Vegas!

If you ever hung out in Las Vegas, you’re aware that the guys running the gambling operation know their business. I knew a lot of Vegas people. Not because I gambled at the tables, I do my gambling as a concert promoter.

In Vegas, I booked the entertainment at the Aladdin Hotel and Casino. We had a 7500 seat theatre and I was in charge of the concert promotion.

A lot of Pittsburghers lived there and were influential. Jimmy Vaccaro was my neighbor and boyhood friend when we were growing up in Trafford, Pennsylvania. He along with his brother, the basketball legend Sonny Vaccaro and I were the best of friends. Eventually we would all leave Trafford and end up in Vegas for a while.

You can read about Jimmy and Sonny in my book “Hard Days, Hard Nights.”   He and Sonny were very active in my concert promotion business. You might want to read the story about Janis Joplin or Alice Cooper to see how Jimmy Vaccaro fit in the scheme of things.

Today, in my opinion, Jimmy is the number one odds setter in “Sin City.” You will see him being interviewed on ESPN before every big event and especially The Super Bowl 

Click here to read this interesting interview about what Jimmy and the Las Vegas odd makers think of Hillary as a bet.

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