“Hit the Road Jack” Blog Tour ’15

While I was doing the research for my next book, I stumbled across many interesting ways authors can promote themselves in today’s day and age of technology.  With the growing popularity of blogging and the increased use of social media, there is room for a variety of ways to promote oneself online.  One of these ways is to partake in a blog tour.

While I will be experiencing this for the first time myself, I encourage you to come along on the journey with me and discover how much fun (and successful) a blog tour can be.  Not just for myself, but for all of the bloggers and writers who have signed up to join me on the adventure.  Blog tours are a unique way for everyone involved to share their readers and fan base with everyone else – allowing the introduction of each blogger’s readers to other bloggers; thus everyone involved, and their readers, meet one another as the tour progresses.  It’s akin to a party full of hobnobbing and networking, except no one has to get dressed up or even leave the house.  And who knows?  The blog tour could even wind up being mentioned in my next book.

Hit the Road Jack Blog Tour '15

I am very excited to announce my blog tour to my readers.  Beginning next week on Monday I will be hitting the road, so to speak, and embarking on a tour across the internet.  This will, of course, be much different than the rock ‘n’ roll tour I took in the summer of ’65.  Thankfully, I won’t be sleeping in my car or eating cheap hot dogs on this tour.

Each day for the next two weeks, I will be featured on a different blog where you’ll hear about my successful book “Hard Days Hard Nights:  From the Beatles to the Doors to the Stones . . . Insider Stories from a Legendary Concert Promoter” and a little about my upcoming book, “Promoting You”.  Bloggers from all around the world will be participating in the blog tour and introducing me to their readers.  I’ll be sitting down for some Q &A sessions, you’ll get to read brand new blogs written by me, and there will even be some fantastic contests with exciting prizes.

On the last day of the tour, March 20, there will be a very special contest with a grand prize package for one lucky winner.  I don’t want to give anything away too soon – but there are rumors this might include tickets to the concert.

In addition, don’t miss my exciting line-up of guest bloggers during the blog tour.  I’ve got some great musicians, music bloggers, and writers lined up to regale us with their stories of music every Wednesday from now through the first week of April right here on my blog.

Two fantastic and exciting events you won’t want to miss out on: a blog tour and a series of guest bloggers running simultaneously.

Be sure to follow me on Facebook or Twitter so you can keep up to date on the blog tour and see where I’m at every day.  Meet me back here on March 23rd when I will announce all of the winners for the giveaways and give a special thanks to all the tour hosts and guest writers.

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  1. Lisa @ The Meaning of Me March 7, 2015 at 5:10 am #

    Pat, I am thrilled to be part of the “road crew” for your blog tour. Thanks for having me along – even if we don’t get hot dogs. I’m looking forward to introducing you to my readers!


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