George Harrison’s Rickenbacker Sold at Hard Rock New York

George Harrison’s 425 Rickenbacker guitar did sell at last Saturday’s Julien’s auction at the Hard Rock in New York, It didn’t bring the estimated sales price of $600,000. It actually brought more-$657,000.

Some people who are supposed to know the value of Beatles collectibles thought it wouldn’t bring anywhere near the $600,000.


Other items that sold were Lady Gaga’s 1990 red Rolls Royce Corniche lll, which was sold for $125,000.

Last year, a custom built guitar played by John Lennon and George Harrison was sold for $408,000 at a Juliens Auction at the Hard Rock in Manhattan.

Julien’s has established itself as the place for celebrity and entertainment auctions for selling entertainment memorabilia.

Here are some past successful bids:

  • Michael Jackson’s Thriller Jacket: $1.8 million dollars
  • Marilyn Monroe’s River of No Return Dress: $516,000
  • John Lennon Jacket: $240,000
  • Princess Diana worn gown: $144,000
  • Original Coke bottle and sketch: $468,000
  • Michael Jackson handwritten “We Are The World” lyrics: $270,600
  • Madonna Bustier: $72,000
  • Michael Jackson Motown 25 Glove: $420,000
  • George Harrison’s Gibson SG from 1966-1969: $560,000
  • Kurt Cobain’s Stage Worn Jacket: $87,000
  • Jimi Hendrix Studio Used Guitar: $480,000
  • Elvis Presley’s Country Gentleman Gretsch Guitar: $180,000


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