Chuck Noll Legendary Steeler Coach

I think Chuck Noll did more for Pittsburgh sports than any other human.

chuck nollBeing Steelers’ fans ourselves, we never wanted to keep Chuck Noll’s players out too late at night. But a lot of those guys liked to come to our shows and to the local clubs. Chuck did a good job keeping them in line, out of trouble and on time for practice the next day.

Chuck was a no-nonsense disciplinarian and managed to do a good job maintaining a good sense of decorum around the locker room and about the entire organization.

My partner, Rich Engler, ended up becoming friends with a lot of Chuck’s players from those Superbowl years.

I would help Joe Gordon, their publicity director and a good friend and any of the Steelers out with tickets whenever I could.

Count us among those sorry to hear about the passing of former Steeler’s coach Chuck Noll.




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