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Beatlemania Now Revisits Music of the Fab Four

For Scot Arch, who plays John Lennon in the touring production of Beatlemania Now, it’s more than just the music. While the Beatles’ illustrious songs are front and center, the show must be accurate in every way. The instruments must be authentic, the wardrobe has to evoke various incarnations of the band, and the physical […]

I’ve Been Everywhere: The End of the Blog Tour

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has followed me around the blogosphere and internet for the last two weeks as I embarked upon my first ever blog tour.  I can honestly say it was quiet the experience, and involved a lot less risk taking then the rock ‘n’ roll tour […]

“Hit the Road Jack” Blog Tour ’15

While I was doing the research for my next book, I stumbled across many interesting ways authors can promote themselves in today’s day and age of technology.  With the growing popularity of blogging and the increased use of social media, there is room for a variety of ways to promote oneself online.  One of these […]

“Relive the Beatles ‘64” – Same great music in a whole new package

 September 19 “Relive the Beatles ’64” concert, and rest assured that this year’s event promises to be just as exciting and original as the tribute show I launched last year to mark the 50th anniversary of the Beatles’ September 1964 Pittsburgh concert. I’m offering up the same level of great music, but with a slightly […]

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