Carl Perkins Influenced The Beatles

I want to thank Rich Kienzie for writing this wonderful blog about the influence that Carl Perkins had on The Beatles. It is evident that he is well familiar with Carl Perkins, one of the true original legends in country western music.

I have to admit that Rich is correct. It would be gross negligence on my part if I were not to acknowledge the influence that Carl Perkins had on The Beatles, especially George.

When planning the 50th Anniversary of the Beatles concert, I thought it was very important to have what I thought were the very best “tribute artists” that I could find. I wanted to present more than just The Beatles Tribute. My idea was to add, “The Artists Who Influenced The Beatles”. My problem was that I could not find a great Carl Perkins tribute.

But do not be dis-heartened and don’t give up on Carl Perkins being one of the tribute acts for The Beatles concert yet. More to come.

If you want more information on the 50th Anniversary of The Beatles Concert in Pittsburgh, please go to Thanks.

Carl Perkins and The Beatles, find out more click:


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