Buddy Holly my Hero.

When I was 18 I had two songs that I had written recorded by the Del Vikings. That got me enough recognition to realize my dream – to work in the record business. I became the best floor sweeper and shelf stocker in the business. But six months later, I got promoted and became the regional promotion man for the record companies that we represented.


That'll Be The Day, Peggy Sue

Buddy Holly the first major rock star to embrace wearing glasses

One of our labels was Coral Records and who was the big star on that label in 1957, none other than Buddy Holly my hero. Not only did he write the songs, but he also played guitar and sang.


But the reason he was my hero was not because of the great songs that he wrote like “That’ll Be the Day” or “Peggy Sue”.


No, Buddy Holly was my hero because he was one of the first to wear his glasses on stage and put his face on the LP cover wearing glasses-big black glasses.


One of the very best “Tribute Artists” is Michael Brown who does a great job doing Buddy Holly. Michael will be on our show September 13 at the Benedum Theatre in Pittsburgh: Relive The Beatles ’64 Concert. The show will star Beatlemania Now and include seven artists who influenced The Beatles:


  • Michael Brown will do a tribute to Buddy Holly
  • Garry Moore will do a tribute to Little Richard
  • David Callender will do a tribute to Chuck berry
  • Lee Alverson will do a tribute to Jerry Lee Lewis
  • Eddie Steen will do a tribute to Elvis Presley
  • Michael Brown will do a tribute to Eddie Cochran
  • David Callender will do a tribute to Fats Domino


I promise you if you like rock and roll this will be one of the best shows that you have seen. I wanted to have the best acts of the 50’s who influenced The Beatles along with the best Beatles tribute artists. The artists that I have listed above and Beatlemania Now, I can honestly say are the very best tribute artists I have seen. It’s like getting two shows in one-the best of the 50’s plus the music of The Beatles.


Tickets are available now at www.trustarts.com.

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