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The Beatles Fifty One Years Ago Today

The Beatles played The Benedum last year to celebrate my 50th reunion. This was a blog that I posted last year.  This Saturday, September 19th we will again present Relive The Beatles ’64.  Beatlemania Now was so great last year that we had to give them more time this year and they will be doing […]

Beatlemania Now Revisits Music of the Fab Four

For Scot Arch, who plays John Lennon in the touring production of Beatlemania Now, it’s more than just the music. While the Beatles’ illustrious songs are front and center, the show must be accurate in every way. The instruments must be authentic, the wardrobe has to evoke various incarnations of the band, and the physical […]


If you grew up in the 50’s, 60’s, or the 70’s, you’ll remember jukeboxes. They were everywhere, in diners and bars, soda shops and clubs.  On August 19, 1988, Elvis Presley’s “Hound Dog” and “Crazy” by Patsy Cline were named the most played songs on jukeboxes. Those songs are probably still the most popular jukebox […]

Pat DiCesare’s Monday Morning Round-Up

Welcome to our Monday morning round-up.  Each Monday we will discuss some of the musical hits (and misses) of the last week.  Rolling Stone weighs in on the newest supergroup featuring Alice Cooper, Joe Perry and, believe it or not, Johnny Depp. The Wall Street Journal revisits the concert that changed rock and roll: The […]

Mooning around with Led Zeppelin

Keith Moon joins Led Zeppelin on stage on June 23, 1977, seen here snarling at guitarist Jimmy Page   Led Zeppelin have become legendary for the controversy and debauchery associated with its members. Drugs, booze, women – they are known for it all. Even the origin of the band’s name is open to debate. In 1968, […]


I just read Chance Meetings which was written by my friend Madhu B Wangu. In this eloquent collection of stories, twelve different people from different walks of life discover how one chance meeting with a stranger can change a person forever. Drawing from her own Indian-American heritage, Madhu Bazaz Wangu examines the lives of ordinary […]

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